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COVID Care Network Starts Today

Ulises Gutierrez, an active Monrovian who came through a battle with COVID-19 after repeatedly being in ER (See his story here: is starting a COVID Care Network for local people. Hotline number: (626) 703 2398.

He writes ...

It’s Ulises - my journey in overcoming COVID (along with many other survivors) has moved me to author an initiative to support our community; to strengthen the safety net.

This Friday, May 1st, we will launch the COVID Care Network! Here is a preview of what we have been working on in an effort to serve our community with care, love, and unwavering commitment.

About the COVID Care Network:
  • Covid Care Network - during COVID & after COVID support services 
    • An iNSPIRE initiative focused on supporting individuals and our community during this pandemic  
  • Our goal is to provide the gift of presence (through advocacy and support) to individuals who may be facing health, financial, or family crisis due to the current state of our country.   
  • Our services include the following, but not limited to: 
    • Compassing COVID sufferers with emotional and practical support regarding testing, healthcare and recovery. 
    • Helping people with unemployment claims and navigating Employment Development Department  (EDD) online portal 
    • Virtual programs for teens and adults (cooking classes, martial arts, books clubs, art, and other program options) 
    • Referral services to local food banks and other social service providers  
    • People can call our hotline, 626 703 2398, and be heard... our specialists will do an assessment to identify people’s needs and then link people to the resources they need 
    • In some cases iNSPIRE will directly provide people with the service and or item they need
Service and program providers include but not limited to:
  • Social Recovery Systems 
    • provides direct drug and alcohol abuse treatment services 
    • provided direct services to those whose mental health issues are interfering with leading productive lives 
  • Foothill Unity Center 
  • The YMCA 
  • The Bridge Student Network: serving middle and high school students 
  • LifeKids: serving elementary school students 
  • Hyphen: serving college students 
  • California Youth & Government 

Thank you for taking the time to read through this email - thank you for believing!

On a personal note: if I got out of that hospital bed and have overcome COVID, after being found unresponsive 3 times, then I am convinced it is to do His will: to love and care for people (ALL people).

Respectfully yours,


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