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Monrovia Coronavirus Count: 157, Up 3 - No New Deaths

Today's Coronavirus cases from LA Deptartment of Public Health:

Monrovia: 157 cases (up 3), 19 deaths (unchanged).

Unincorporated Monrovia: 20 cases (unchanged).

Brookdale Monrovia: 8 cases (unchanged), 1 death (unchanged).

Monrovia Gardens Healthcare Center: 74 (unchanged), 16 deaths (unchanged).

Monrovia Memorial Hospital:  26 cases (unchanged) and 2 deaths (unchanged).

- Brad Haugaard


  1. Brad - this scam should be removed from the comments. The purpose of monrovianow is to update us on the goings on in Monrovia. It is not to promote get rich quick, which is more like lose quick, scams.

  2. I remove 'em as fast as I see them. I could ban then all but then people couldn't comment as easily, so I leave it open.