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Monrovia's Drive-Through Graduation is Back On

County Supervisor Supervisor Kathryn Barger has announced that the county has changed its mind - Monrovia's drive-through Graduation ceremony will be permitted, according to the Monrovia Weekly:

School Board President Rob Hammond writes on Facebook:
Last Friday when we learned about this issue the Monrovia Unified Board of Education contacted our elected representative, County Supervisor, Kathryn Barger, to help solve this problem. The School Board also reached out to the parents of our students to advocate for our graduation.
Today I am pleased to report the collective voices of our community have been heard and on June 3, 2020 the graduation plan presented by MHS will proceed.
I would like to thank our students and parents for their help, as well as the City of Monrovia, MPD, MFD, the staff at MHS and MUSD District Office. In particular I would like to thank Supervisor Kathryn Barger for her help and guidance.
We will look forward to graduation day June 3, 2020.

- Brad Haugaard


  1. These 2 articles just got published on Washington Post which referenced other newspapers. The events in the articles are a little different but the Thomasville one is a little scary the student just picked up a diploma and didn't touch anyone! I guess everyone has to weigh the risk.

    "Thomasville High graduate attends graduation event, finds out he has COVID-19...Officials say the students were in groups of 10 and were all required to wear masks and use hand sanitizer. The superintendent says students were also practicing social distancing and staying 6 feet away from each other. The district says the only physical contact the student would have had was in the handing over of the diploma. The traditional handshake never happened."

    "State leaders announce new guidelines for graduation ceremonies
    The state recommends virtual commencement ceremonies to ensure that graduates and their families do not have to leave their homes."

  2. Great! Now that Maritza "Typhoid Travanti" and her crew have planned a covid spreading event, I and many others who voted for her will not be supporting her in the future or any of that board. My senior will NOT be participating in this event and I'm hoping people take precautions to be safe. #BeSafeStudents #WeLoveMonroviaButOurPoliticiansSuck