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Vivian Fisher, 98, Graduated from Monrovia High School Today

98-year-old Vivian Fisher received her diploma from Monrovia High School today. She should have got it in 1938 but things happen, life interfered. Story on ABC7:

- Brad Haugaard

Monrovia Police: Lyft Driver Punched for Not Loading Luggage; Man Robbed of Cell Phone at Knife Point; Motorist Brandishes Firearm at Protesters; Etc.

[Monrovia Police activities from the Police Department's Neighborhood Watch Report for May 28 – June 3. - Brad Haugaard]

During the last seven-day period, the Police Department handled 394 service events, resulting in 69 investigations.

May 28 at 1:29 p.m., a customer of a business in the 1600 block of S. Mountain called police to report a battery incident. While he was shopping, a male subject inside the store punched him in the face, causing him to fall to the ground. After being hit, the victim saw the subject run out of the store. He did not know why the suspect hit him. Officers responded and searched for the suspect, but were unable to locate him. The victim did not require paramedics. This investigation is continuing.

May 28 at 6:13 p.m., a Lyft driver called police to report a battery incident. He was picking up a subject at a hotel in the 900 block of S. Fifth. The subject became upset when the driver would not load his luggage in the trunk. The driver told the subject he needed to do that himself. The subject then punched the driver in the face and ran into the hotel. Investigation continuing.

Hit & Run Traffic Collision
May 28 at 8:30 p.m., a motorist was stopped at a red light at Myrtle and Olive. The motorist attempted to make a right turn onto eastbound Olive and sideswiped another motorist. One of the motorists fled the scene without providing the necessary documentation. Investigation continuing.

Injury Traffic Collision
May 28 at 10:10 p.m., a traffic collision occurred in the 700 block of W. Duarte. A motorist was exiting a driveway in the 700 block of W. Duarte and there was an illegally parked vehicle blocking her view. When the motorist exited the driveway, she collided into another vehicle who was traveling west on Duarte. Both motorists complained of pain to their chest, due to the airbags deploying. Monrovia Paramedics arrived and treated the motorists. Investigation continuing.

Grand Theft
May 29 at 1:38 p.m., an employee from a business in the 1600 block of S. Mountain called police to report two male subjects stole power tools and fled the location heading south on Mountain in a black BMW with no license plates. Investigation continuing.

May 29 at 3:22 p.m., a resident from the 700 block of S. Ivy called police to report his landscaping equipment was stolen from the bed of his truck. Investigation continuing.

Grand Theft Auto
May 30 at 9:43 a.m., a business owner in the 200 block of W. Maple arrived at work and discovered his company vehicle had been stolen sometime during the night. Officers responded and searched the area for the vehicle, but could not locate it. The vehicle was entered into the Stolen Vehicle System. This investigation is continuing.

Family Disturbance
May 30 at 11:27 a.m., a caller reported hearing a male and female subject yelling at one another inside an apartment in the 500 block of E. Olive. Officers responded and located the two subjects still yelling at one another. After determining no crime had occurred, officers kept the peace and provided counseling.

May 30 at 12:12 p.m., callers reported a fight in progress in the north alley of the 300 block of W. Colorado. Officers arrived and found two female subjects had battered one another. Officers kept the peace, then issued citations for battery, as both wanted the other arrested.

Family Disturbance
May 30 at 2:45 p.m., a caller reported hearing a family yelling at one another for over an hour at their house in the 200 block of N. Grand. Officers responded and located the family. It was determined no crime had occurred and the officers kept the peace.

Shoplifting – Suspect Arrested
May 30 at 10:24 p.m., an employee from a business in the 500 block of W. Duarte called police to report an adult male subject took merchandise without paying for it. Officers located the subject, who admitted to stealing the merchandise. The subject was arrested for shoplifting.

Domestic Violence – Suspect Arrested
May 30 at 11:50 p.m., a caller in the 500 block of E. Olive reported that her boyfriend threw a lotion bottle at her and it struck her in the face, causing redness to her face. Officers arrived and conducted an investigation. The male subject was subsequently arrested for domestic violence. He was also found to be on probation for a prior domestic violence incident.

June 3 at 4:30 p.m., a male subject was sitting at a table at Station Square Park using his cell phone when he was approached by two Hispanic subjects, a male and female. The female subject brandished a knife and asked him what he was doing. The male subject then punched him in the face and took his cell phone out of his hands. The two subjects walked towards the train platform. The police were notified and the victim was taken to a local hospital for his injuries. The suspects were not located. The investigation is continuing.

Weapons Violation – Suspect Arrested
June 3 at 5:26 p.m., Demonstrators were peacefully protesting in the 300 block of S. Myrtle when a motorist initiated a confrontation with the demonstrators. The motorist brandished a firearm and then sped away, heading north on Myrtle. Officers quickly responded and detained the motorist in the area. An investigation was conducted and the driver was arrested. The case will be presented to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.

Monrovia Church to Offer Drive-Through Communion

Monrovia's Fellowship Church will hold its first ever drive-through communion service on Sunday, June 14 from 3-5 p.m. in the Monrovia High School parking lot. Staff will "distribute the elements of communion and pray a blessing over you from the safety of your vehicle."

- Brad Haugaard

Lunch from Cafe X2O

Lunch from Cafe X2O, on the north side of Foothill just east of Alta Vista. Got the Chicken Kebab ($14) and substituted the rice with spinach for about $4 (wasn’t broken out so not sure). Very good. I enjoyed it all. 

- Brad Haugaard 

Monrovia Coronavirus Count: 166, 2 More, 1 More Death

Today's Coronavirus cases from LA Deptartment of Public Health:

Monrovia: 166 cases (up 2), 20 deaths (up 1).

Unincorporated Monrovia: 21 cases (unchanged).

Brookdale Monrovia: 8 cases (unchanged), 1 death (unchanged).

Monrovia Gardens Healthcare Center: 74 (unchanged), 16 deaths (unchanged). This facility has suddenly disappeared from the county's stats page, so these numbers are old.

Monrovia Memorial Hospital:  27 cases (unchanged) and 2 deaths (unchanged).

- Brad Haugaard

Monrovian Restaurant Prepares to Re-Open

The Monrovian restaurant, at the corner of Myrtle and Colorado, is apparently getting ready to re-open. A Facebook post says:

“We are a new family restaurant located in Old Town Monrovia, California. Chef owned, offering fresh baked pastries, cakes, pies, and local coffee in our quick service pastry area located in the front of our dining room. We offer many different styles of artisan pastries and breads, alongside our naturally leavened pizza dough! We serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a full bar.”

- Brad Haugaard

Wildlife in Wilderness Area

It’s not just bears you encounter in Monrovia’s Wilderness Preserve. I saw these two today. The fawn stopped and stared at me for a while.

- Brad Haugaard 

Civic Leaders Join to Discuss George Floyd, Racism

Members of the Monrovia City Council, School Board members, law enforcement, and other community leaders gathered in Library Park today to talk about racism and the killing of George Floyd. 

A prayer, a hymn, comments by organizer Tyler Spicer and brief comments from officials and others. Above is School Board President Rob Hammond, who condemned the “murder” of Floyd, recalled the interview with Floyd’s brother and compared the pain to that which he experienced on the death of his own brother. 

Mayor Tom Adams said the killing in Minneapolis has hurt the Monrovia Police as a stain upon their profession and something they would not have allowed if they were in Minneapolis. 

Note: I put “murder” in quotes because I’m quoting and because officially a person is only a murderer if convicted, not because I doubt the facts. 

- Brad Haugaard

Curfew Starts Later Tonight - 9 p.m.

City Manager Dylan Feik reports:

Los Angeles County has issued the fourth night of a countywide curfew. Tonight's curfew will start later at 9 p.m. and will end tomorrow at 5 a.m. Residents are asked to stay in their home during the curfew unless traveling to and from work, experiencing homelessness and without access to a viable shelter or seeking medical treatment.

- Brad Haugaard 

Major Monrovia Facebook Groups Display Same Image As Statement of Solidarity

Police Chief Alan Sanvictores kneeling before protesters.

Four of the main Monrovia Facebook groups - Monrovia Happenings; Monrovia, California;  Monrovia Messenger, and Everything Monrovia, together having more than 26,000 members - have switched their groups' pictures to the same image, showing Police Chief Alan Sanvictores kneeling before people protesting the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police.

Carmen Martinez, of Monrovia Happenings, writes:

"Today we have solidarity throughout our town.

"If you belong to several community groups you will see us changing our group picture to the same picture. We are all different and yet, we are all the same.

"Thank you, Brian Tindall, for capturing such an amazing moment, but more so for our MPD Chief Sanvictores, our entire MPD and our entire community."

- Brad Haugaard

Superintendent Thorossian's May Update

The 2019-20 school year is quickly drawing to a close, and I find myself shocked that we have reached the end of May already. Since the beginning of our dismissal, I have missed our students, teachers, staff, and school community, but it has been wonderful to hear about our students’ many achievements even while on distance learning.

In the beginning of May, the District and our school community celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week. Our teachers chose this profession because of their belief in the value of education, their love of learning, and their connection to their students. I’d like to personally thank them for their passion and dedication to their students, to Monrovia Unified, and to our community.

Monrovia Unified honored the Class of 2020 with a celebration at 8:20 p.m. May 6 at Monrovia High School. Monrovia High lit up the Stadium and the Monrovia ‘M’ on the mountain, as another way to acknowledge seniors and their achievements. This has continued to occur every Wednesday since then and will continue through our June 3 graduation. Monrovia Unified is dedicated to celebrating its Class of 2020.

On May 10, Monrovia Unified took part in Virtual Monrovia Days 2020, and shared a video montage that celebrated our scholars and athletes. The video highlighted all of the things that make our District great: our students, teachers and staff, families, and strong academic programs and enrichment opportunities.

We’ve also been busy this month preparing for the celebrations ahead, including our promotions and graduation ceremonies. I’d like to extend a thank-you to our Board of Education, Monrovia High School Principal Kirk McGinnis and administrators, Supervisor Kathryn Barger, the City of Monrovia, and our entire community for advocating on behalf of our students and making sure their successes and achievements were celebrated. I look forward to our promotion and graduation ceremonies – our students deserve this.

Toward the end of the month, Monrovia High School announced Kate Tadeo as its valedictorian and Jessica Lee as salutatorian. Congratulations to both on their achievements. We wish them luck as they pursue their academic and personal goals in college.

Lastly, congratulations to you all for rising to the challenge that this dismissal presented all of us. I know I speak for everyone when I say I cannot wait until we are back in school again but, until then, please stay safe and take care of one another.

We will continue providing updated information on our website and social media platforms. Pre-recorded informational messages are regularly updated at (626) 471-2084.

Dr. Katherine Thorossian, Superintendent

- Brad Haugaard

Company With Monrovia Lab Develops Mail-In Coronavirus Test Kit

A New York company, LetsGetChecked, with a lab in Monrovia, has developed a consumer mail-in COVID-19 test kit.

- Brad Haugaard

Monrovia Coronavirus Count: 164, Up 2 - No New Deaths

Today's Coronavirus cases from LA Deptartment of Public Health:

Monrovia: 164 cases (up 2), 19 deaths (unchanged).

Unincorporated Monrovia: 21 cases (unchanged).

Brookdale Monrovia: 8 cases (unchanged), 1 death (unchanged).

Monrovia Gardens Healthcare Center: 74 (unchanged), 16 deaths (unchanged).

Monrovia Memorial Hospital:  27 cases (up 1) and 2 deaths (unchanged).

- Brad Haugaard

George Floyd Rally at Library Park

A group of about 150 plus people  gathered in Library Park today to protest the death of George Floyd.

“No justice, no peace. No racist police.”

- Brad Haugaard

Assembly Planned With City Council, Law Enforcement, at Library Park

A "peaceful assembly event where the Monrovia City Council and local law enforcement, as well as religious and community leaders will come together" is set for this Wednesday at 3 p.m. in Library Park. Call or text 703-2398 for more information.

- Brad Haugaard

Spot Space Station Docked with SpaceX Ship

Jane Houston of Old Town Sidewalk Astronomers reports that tonight at 10 p.m. (and for the next several nights) we can watch the International Space Station docked with SpaceX's Crew Dragon Demo pass overhead. Here's how to spot it:

- Brad Haugaard

Curfew Again Tonight - at 6 P.M.

Yet another countywide curfew today, from 6 p.m. today to 6 a.m. Monday morning. - Brad Haugaard

Canyon Oaks and Mountain Park Drive-Through Graduation

Canyon Oaks High School and Mountain Park Independent Study School will celebrate the graduating Class of 2020 today with a drive-thru commencement ceremony at Monrovia High School.

“This school year, our graduating class missed many senior opportunities but our community came together and advocated for our students to receive the graduation they deserve,” Board President Rob Hammond said. “I cannot wait to see our graduates walk across the stage and experience the moment they rightfully earned. Congratulations to all of our seniors from Canyon Oaks and Mountain Park.”

“Graduation is the culmination of a child’s education experience,” Superintendent Dr. Katherine Thorossian said. “Every degree our students earn hereafter, they will earn as adults. For this reason, high school graduations are milestones. For this reason, it is important to recognize and celebrate this achievement.”

Canyon Oaks High School and Mountain Park Independent Study School are committed to helping students succeed, whether through recovering credits to graduate on time or advancing in credits to graduate early.

As a tuition-free independent study school, Mountain Park offers flexibility in academic schedules and exposes students to career pathways, extra-curricular programs, and early college opportunities that exist at Monrovia High School.

Mountain Park School has a full curriculum that meets college admission requirements, is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, and approved by the National Collegiate Athletic Association. The school and its programs are designed to help students succeed in college, career, and beyond.

“Our graduates for the Class of 2020 have pushed themselves and worked tirelessly to achieve their academic and personal goals,” Director of Alternative Schools Flint Fertig said. “I am proud of each and every one of them, and I look forward to celebrating their achievements at commencement on June 2.”

- Brad Haugaard

Gertrude - A Happy, Loving Companion

Gertrude is a happy, curious, even-keeled, and loving companion. This eight-year-old cutie is an energetic gal who loves spending time with people, but she’s also very chill and easygoing. She's just as happy running around in the yard as she is curling up for an afternoon nap, so she’s very well-rounded. And she’s eager to please her human friends and absolutely loves treats, which means learning new things is one of her favorite pastimes! If you’ve been wanting a friend by your side, Gertrude is ready to fill that role!

The adoption fee for dogs is $140. All dog adoptions include spay or neuter, microchip, and age-appropriate vaccines.

New adopters will receive a complimentary health-and-wellness exam from VCA Animal Hospitals, as well as a goody bag filled with information about how to care for your pet.

View photos of adoptable pets at and fill out an online adoption application. Adoptions are by appointment only.

Pets may not be available for adoption and cannot be held for potential adopters by phone calls or email.

- Brad Haugaard

Curfew Now Starts at 5 P.M.

The county just sent out a notice saying that tonight's curfew begins at 5 p.m., NOT 6 p.m., and lasts through 6 a.m. tomorrow, Tuesday (June 2).

- Brad Haugaard