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Painted Rocks on Hillcrest

Reader Rick Wentzel noticed someone trying to spread a little joy with these painted rocks on Hillcrest between Myrtle and Canyon.

- Brad Haugaard 


  1. How NICE!!!! Send them to my mobile home park!! My garden NEEDS some rocks for my frogs & the resting bear & the bunnies!!
    I have some plain stepping stones they can doodle on & make my area HAPPIER!! :D

  2. If only we knew who it was v

  3. We've had a few awsome rocks placed under a pine tree in front of our house on Canyon Blvd., I will post them if we get anymore. I actually learned of painting rocks from a friend in Manteca. They have an active group with meetings to share "how two's".(probably not right now) they have clues for coveted pieces. Some find their to other states and get posted to the group. But they have fun and people are so talented , but everybody does a good job , all ages. I've left some in northern Calif. And also at the City of Hope- they have a tree in campus, and they are so meaningful. You might cry. These rocks can truly make someones day. I just didn't know Monrovia was also participating. I should of known better !!