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Monrovia's Population is ... Down?

Monrovia's population has actually decreased, according to the blog published by Monrovia's Community Development Department, the "Over the Counter Blog"

Here's what it says:

As of January 1, 2020, Monrovia's population was 37,935.

So your reaction was probably the same as ours..."What?" That's right, for two years straight, Monrovia's estimated population has decreased...ever so slightly (down 0.1%), but still a decrease. The County population also decreased by the same percentage. California as a whole grew, but it was very slow growth, a 0.2% increase.

So a couple of things to keep in mind, these are projections, not an actual count of people (AKA The Census). Also, these estimates are benchmarked to the 2010 Census data. The decennial 2020 Census data will not impact these projections until takes a long time to count 300,000,000 people.

Here's an interesting tidbit from all this...This is the first time since this data has been compiled that California has added more housing units than people. Hmmm! Not quite sure what to make of that, but there it is.

COMMENT: My guess is that the number of homes with children has decreased - a lot of the children have grown up and left - and that loss has not quite been offset by the people moving into the new multi-unit residential buildings near the train station and elsewhere.

- Brad Haugaard

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