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Opinion - Devote Myrtle Avenue to Restaurant Seating

A friend in Lodi told me his city is considering this plan, and I think it could work in Monrovia.

When it becomes legally possible for restaurants to open, the city could close off Myrtle to vehicle traffic and open the street as a dining area for the adjacent restaurants.

If restaurants are required to have seating spaced at least six feet apart, this would allow them to have - more or less - full seating. And it would be kinda fun, too!

If I want to go north or south in Monrovia, I avoid Myrtle. Too many stop lights and pedestrians. I'm usually only on the street if I'm going somewhere ON Myrtle, so I don't think closing it would be a big inconvenience for drivers.

Also, it need not be a permanent arrangement. This could just be for summer and fall, or just afternoons and evenings.

With the Friday night festival, the city has plenty of experience with closing the street, so planning would mostly involve simply copying the procedures for Friday nights.

I dunno. Just a thought ...

- Brad Haugaard


  1. That is EXACTLY the thought I was having. Spoke with some restaurant owners on Myrtle last week, and they really need MORE outdoor seating to make it worth the cost to open up. PLUS it is safer to be outdoors, so more folks might come and feel good at eating OUT! YES the city can make some temporary arrangements to help. I am sure they want to help. How about putting up some umbrellas all along and don't forget some BARRIERS to protect the happy customers from cars?! GREAT THOUGHT BRAD!

  2. Would be fun -- kinda like Europe.

  3. I've been wishing for years that the city could do this. Sitting at the outside tables now is less than gracious since vehicles are parking RIGHT THERE next to you. I know patrons love front door parking, but this would be a great trade-off.

  4. I'm for the outside seating on Myrtle Ave.

  5. That's a great idea!

  6. What can we do to encourage the city to do this?

  7. Interesting you should ask. Just heard this from the city: