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$5 Reservations Available to Canyon Park; Free and No Reservation for Trask and Beyond

Monrovia is now accepting online reservations to visit Canyon Park. It opens next Tuesday, May 26. The number of visitors is limited to 70, regardless of whether you drive, bike, or hike in, and an entry parking fee of $5 is required.

If you are going to the Trask Boy Scout Camp or beyond, you are exempt from both the fee and the reservation requirement.

Facemasks required, social distancing, some one-way loop trails, and more. See the video or click here for more details.

Hint: If you want to go on a weekend, I'd hop to it and make a reservation now. In pre-virus days it could get quite crowded on the weekends, and I suspect it'll be sold out, though the $5 entry fee will probably put a bit of a dent in the number of visitors.

Note: The city had earlier said the $5 fee would be for entry, but later made it clear it was for parking. I have changed the text here to reflect that. Also, I did not realize it will not be open weekends, so I scratched my comment about weekends.

- Brad Haugaard

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