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Spanish Canyon Controlled-Burn Working Well; Bad Liars

I'm guessing, but I'd say those green lines are fire breaks.

City Manager Dylan Feik reports that much of the action today is in saving Mt. Wilson, but in Monrovia, he said, fire crews will continue to control-burn Spanish Canyon. "The team made great progress last night and they will continue in their efforts today," he said.

Feik added that you'll notice an increase in smoke, and if you live around Norumbega you'll see a heavy presence of fire crews there to support the Spanish Canyon operation.

Feik said that at the "Resident Only" roadblock, drivers are being stopped and asked where they live. "I live right there on that corner," was the most common response," one officer said. When the officer asked the name of the street, people just turned around and left.

- Brad Haugaard

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