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Fire Approaching Homes Off North Canyon; Battling Flames at Camp Trask and Canyon Park

 From this map it appears the defensive line against the fire is the green line and then along Lower Clamshell Trail, to which it connects.

So far the battles to save Camp Trask and Canyon Park have been mostly successful, though the fire has burned around the water falls in the park. Here's what City Manager Dylan Feik had to say:

Last night, two additional City strike teams went up to Trask Boy Scout Camp to assist in the firefighting efforts. The fire approached the Camp through the drainage area below the Camp and so they focused on protecting and preserving Trask. Fire tactics used to combat the fire range from control burning to water suppression. Even before this fire, Trask suffered from water system problems and the firefighters had to rig the pool for additional water supply use to engage the fire. Trask is still there and firefighters thus far have been successful. 

The fire also finally entered Canyon Park and has burned areas including Monrovia Falls. Firefighters are working hard to keep it on the north side of Sam The Damkeeper’s House and also north of the Nature Center. 

The Incident Command Team continues to make contingency plans for the neighborhoods in the far northern reaches of Monrovia (think Briarcliff, Ridgeside, N. Canyon, and Oakglade). The fire has a chance of getting close to Lower Clamshell Trail, possibly homes in the area. But there is also a chance the fire does not. As the Team assesses the fire, conditions and terrain, strike teams, fire engines and even police officers are making contingency plans in case it does get close. They are speaking with residents, discussing possible control burning operations as pictured on the map below [I put it above - Brad] (which many of us know are a tool to “fight fire with fire”) and have staged hoses and fire engines for fire suppression. Please remember, the fire continues to be slow moving but it is, in fact, moving. As of 3:40 p.m., there remains consensus that an Evacuation Warning remains. If residents are concerned or feel the fire is too close, please consider leaving.

- Brad Haugaard

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