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Fire Crews Monitoring Hills, City Declares Smoke a Threat

Fire crews will continue to operate on the ridge above Spanish Canyon to ensure that the fire remains contained in the canyon and there are no spot fires, and there will be crews in Monrovia Canyon Park where there are small pockets of brush that may need extra attention, according to City Manager Dylan Feik.

He added, "We do not predict a large amount of fire activities in Monrovia today, however residents may see smoke coming from Monrovia Canyon Park and Spanish Canyon as crews mop up the area."

Also, Monrovia has declared smoke as a dangerous threat, especially for those with preexisting conditions such as chronic heart and lung disease (i.e. asthma, emphysema and COPD).

The city has attempted to purchase air purifiers to loan out to vulnerable people, but they are out of stock and the city has been unable to acquire them. Feik said, "We encourage those who have air conditioning to turn them on and keep windows closed. It is also recommended, for the most vulnerable population, to wear masks indoors."

- Brad Haugaard

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