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Announcement of School Board Candidacy of Bryan Wong

As a 25 year Monrovia resident, I am excited to run for re-election as a Monrovia Unified School District Governing Board member.  In my 17 years on the Board my focus has been to educate the whole child in Academics, Arts and Athletics by focusing on intellectual growth and respect for all.  Monrovia provides a world class education for world class students.  We are internationally known for our robotics program, nationally known as Clifton is on the Schools to Watch list, we have been awarded 14 Golden Bell awards from the state for excellence in innovative programs and the county has presented us awards in nutrition, physical fitness and our career pathways.  All of these accomplishments plus passing a $45 million high school modernization bond has occurred during my tenure.  But we have so much more to get done! 

Our academics standards and rigor have never been higher.  96% of MHS graduates are pursuing post secondary education.  Monrovia student’s admissions to 4 year universities are at an all time high partially due to our Early College Program that allows students to earn up to 2 years of college credit while in high school.  This saves both time and money.  Lots of money!  At the same time our career Pathways programs and Career Technical Education focuses on the kids that want to go straight into the workplace.  These programs create career opportunities, not just jobs.

I believe the Arts are an integral part of a student’s education. We have art programs in all of the elementary schools in addition to creating the Wildrose School of Creative Arts.  At the high school we have the Humanities Academy, Theater Arts Conservatory plus our drama dept which has won nationally recognized Herman awards for their productions.

Our Athletic program is in a league of its own.  We have won CIF championships in football, baseball and soccer and countless league titles in all sports.  This level of dominance raises our profile for college recruiters that result in numerous scholarships for our students.  We are known to provide excellence on the field and in the class room.

Our past is strong but we are preparing for the future with our Dual Immersion programs, Santa Fe Computer Magnet School, upgraded internet backbone and moving to a 1:1 computer to student ratio.

We have a historic opportunity to eliminate barriers that exist to impede diversity, equity and inclusion.  But we also need to deal with the very real educational challenges from the Covid-19 virus and financial devastation that it brought. Hard decisions will need to be made in the coming year.  Board members need a deep understanding of each program that Monrovia offers and the related finances.  

Experienced Board members have never been more important than they are today.  Follow me on Facebook at Bryan Wong For Monrovia Unified School District.  Please support me with your vote on November 3rd.

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