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Bobcat Fire Moving Slow But Winds Expected This Afternoon

(Photo from yesterday)

Bobcat Fire update from City Manager Dylan Feik:

The fire has continued to burn southward toward Monrovia at a slow rate. Around midnight, the marine layer arrived and helped slow the fire activity. There has been low to no spread since last night and is 10% relative humidity.

For Tuesday, September 8, teams will be working to build dozer lines and prepare for Santa Ana winds forecast to begin at noon thru Wednesday. These winds will be from 10-20 mph, with gusts up to 40 mph. The fire is expected to be active today and will become more active once the winds begins this afternoon.

Firefighting crews will be building additional dozer lines around the fire, focusing on the western and southern edges of the fire. Air support had been requested and they expect 4 - 5 helicopters and tankers to be operational today, weather permitting. Crews will also be roving in the community and making advance plans for structural defense in the event it is needed. 

We have been told to plan for the fire to get worse and we are asking all residents to be prepared and ready if an Evacuation Order is issued. Even when we don't see flames on the hill, the Santa Ana winds can change the fire conditions incredibly quickly. We are trying to give as much advance notice as possible and we will provide updates as frequently as we can.

- Brad Haugaard

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