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Canyon Park and Trask Still Standing; Defensive Lines Hold; Fire Moves West; Keep Conserving Water

City Manager Dylan Feik reports ...

- Canyon Park facilities (ranger station, cabins, and the Nature Center) are still standing. Trask Boy Scout Camp is also still standing.

- The fire has pushed into the Santa Anita Wash. It is now positioned in a drainage area below Chantry Flats and presents a threat to not only Monrovia, but to Arcadia and Sierra Madre.

- Today's priorities on the south end of the fire are to  prepare defensive lines near the Santa Anita Wash and maintain and reinforce the southern edge in Monrovia, including Canyon Park. This line is holding well, including throughout the night, and Incident Command is maintaining those lines. 

- Lower Clamshell Trail served as a fire break and access road for hot shot crews working on those portions of fire. The fire never reached the trail – which was graded – but burn spots did come very close and portions of the Hillside Wilderness Preserve did burn.

- The city decided 5 or 6 homes at the top of Cloverleaf Drive needed to be evacuated, but when city officials attempted to contact the people, they found the residents had already left.

-  Please continue to conserve water, avoid driving or visiting areas near the active fires or damaged areas, and don't fly drones in the area - it is illegal.

- Brad Haugaard

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