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Bobcat Fire Becomes Unwelcome Tourist Attraction

The Bobcat Fire has become an unwelcome tourist attraction, with visitors from as far away as Long Beach and Orange County. Monrovia Police will continue to set up checkpoints to discourage gawkers from impeding evacuation routes. People will be asked to proof of residence to access evacuation zones.

The fire is now about .6 of a mile from the Trask Boy Scout Camp and about 1.3 miles north of Canyon Park.

When air visibility allows, air support will be provided. Otherwise, firefighting efforts will be on the ground.

If you have questions regarding the Bobcat Fire, you can call 256-8246 if you can't find the information you need on the city’s website.

Monrovia Canyon Park and the Hillside Wilderness Preserve will remain closed until further notice and because of bad air the Friday Night Street Fair is cancelled tonight.


- Brad Haugaard

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