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No School - Virtual or Otherwise - For Rest of This Week - Bad Air

School's out for the rest of the week for Monrovia School District. Bad air. Not even virtual learning from home.

School Superintendent Dr. Katherine Thorossian wrote to parents that, "Given the perilous air quality, we are dismissing students from school through the end of this week. We understand the burden placed upon families during these continued crises and hope that this offers some level of relief.

"To support the health and well-being of our staff members during this time of crisis, we are closing all our facilities through Friday, Sept. 18, and asking all staff members to stay home. Unfortunately, that means that we will not be distributing meals on Friday, as originally scheduled. We apologize for this disruption in service."

Why no distance learning?

School Board President Rob Hammond writes that, " It is the environment the students are learning in. If a classroom were full of smoke and unhealthy to breath in we would not want a student in that environment.  Now the student's home is their classroom.  If the air is not healthy it can cause many disruptions to learning. Frequent headaches, watery eyes,  and a host of respiratory problems all contribute a less than desirable environment whether it is virtual (at home) or on campus. Student safety and welfare will always be our guiding principle.

- Brad Haugaard

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