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City Council To Consider Ban on Evictions During Covid-19 Emergency

The Monrovia City Council will hold a special virtual meeting this Tuesday (agenda: to consider an urgency ordinance (that means it would go into effect as soon as the council approves it) that would temporarily ban evictions of tenants in both residential and commercial properties for non-payment of rent. It would also ban "no-fault" evictions in most cases.

Here's how the relevant part of the ordinance reads:

"During the period of local emergency declared in response to COVID-19, no residential property owner or agent (collectively, “landlord”) landlord shall take any action, or threaten, to evict a tenant or lessee (collectively “tenant”) in either of the following situations: (1) for nonpayment of rent, late fees, or other fees or charges, if the landlord knows that the tenant is unable to pay the same due to financial impacts related to COVID-19, or (2) for a no-fault eviction unless immediately necessary for the health and safety of tenants, neighbors, or the landlord, other than based on illness of the tenant or any other occupant of the residential rental unit, which shall be confirmed by the City’s Building Official prior to any such eviction."

Read the whole thing - lots more detail - here:

- Brad Haugaard

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