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Cafe LuMar Closes

Cafe LuMar is closing.

The restaurant, on the south side of Colorado about a half block east of Myrtle, announced the closure on Facebook:
I'm so grateful to my customers and to an incredible experiences I had for past 8 years. I'm very sad that I have to anounce closing of Cafe LuMar but I will forever cherish your friendships, your encouragements and your support...For customers that begged me to stay open, I am honored to have gotten to know you all and I'm sorry that I had no choice or control due to circumstances. 
Comment: I'm really going to miss that goulash. :-(

- Brad Haugaard


  1. This is such a big loss! I'm afraid this may be a prediction for things to come. I hope Monrovians continue to order takeout from our other fabulous restaurants!

  2. It's happening all over the country but Cafe Lu Mar was a special place, long on love by the staff and owners for their work, country and patrons. My son, living in Austria, has been to the area and it is on my bucket list. I was all the more interested in the country and the Cafe for what my son described as a beautiful, historic place, combining factors in the cuisine from wildly different cultures through the centuries. And the white wine may have looked as mere plonk from the label to other fine whites I sampled at various times in Germany, Austria, France and Switzerland. Godspeed and health to all!