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New Ladder Fire Truck for Monrovia; County Leaving GoMonrovia Program; Balanced Energy

Dark purple area will not be in GoMobnrovia service area. Just light purple.

At its next meeting (agenda: the Monrovia City Council will consider ...

~ Buying a KME ladder truck for the Fire Department for $1.5 million paid for using a lease-to-buy option with annual payments of $341,000 and an interest rate of 3.45%.

~ The GoMonrovia service area will be 31% smaller (Just a bit more than Monrovia proper now. See map) because LA County is not willing to pay the $1 million needed to service county area. Currently the County is paying $225,000 a year.

~ Dropping out of the County's Congestion Management Program, which the staff report says is "antiquated."

~ Adopting a resolution which "supports balanced energy solutions and the maintaining of local control of energy solutions." This because the State has mandated that the state rely "entirely on zero-emission energy sources for its electricity by the year 2045." The city, however, says this could cost the average family $7,200 to switch their homes to all electricity and $388 a year more in energy bills, and besides, 80% of Californians oppose prohibiting gas appliances.

- Brad Haugaard

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