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Monrovia Police Q&A Sheet On Hiring, Choke Holds, Etc.

The Monrovia Police Department has released a Q&A sheet on its practices, here:

It says:

"Our hiring practices are incredibly stringent and in depth. As an example, applicants undergo a thorough, all-encompassing background investigation, polygraph examination, and psychological screening, just to name a few. Officers go through an initial extensive training program over an 18-month period. They continue participating in regular, state, and department mandated training and qualification throughout the remainder of their career. We are always seeking ways to improve through input and analysis of community needs and best legislative practices."

The questions the sheet answers are:
  • Does MPD allow officers to use chokeholds or strangleholds? [No]
  • Does MPD require its officers to use de-escalation techniques? [Yes]
  • Does MPD Require officers to issue a warning before shooting their firearm? [When feasible]
  • Does MPD train its officers to exhaust all alternatives before shooting their firearms? [Complicated; click through]
  • Does MPD have a policy requiring officers to intervene if excessive force is being used? [Yes]
  • Does MPD have a ban on shooting at moving vehicles? [Mostly]
  • Does MPD require the use of a force continuum or force ladder? [Force "must be reasonable and necessary"]
  • Does MPD require comprehensive reporting when an officer uses force? [Yes]
- Brad Haugaard

1 comment:

  1. Does Monrovia PD still operate there citizens police academy?