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Civic Leaders Join to Discuss George Floyd, Racism

Members of the Monrovia City Council, School Board members, law enforcement, and other community leaders gathered in Library Park today to talk about racism and the killing of George Floyd. 

A prayer, a hymn, comments by organizer Tyler Spicer and brief comments from officials and others. Above is School Board President Rob Hammond, who condemned the “murder” of Floyd, recalled the interview with Floyd’s brother and compared the pain to that which he experienced on the death of his own brother. 

Mayor Tom Adams said the killing in Minneapolis has hurt the Monrovia Police as a stain upon their profession and something they would not have allowed if they were in Minneapolis. 

Note: I put “murder” in quotes because I’m quoting and because officially a person is only a murderer if convicted, not because I doubt the facts. 

- Brad Haugaard


  1. It was an event put on by Monrovia's greatest Trump supporters. Listening to Adams speak on this topic was just a joke. It was like the KKK putting on a black rights march.


  3. Has anyone check Floyd's background? He was high on fentanyl when the incident happened. He had been in and out of jail for years, once pointed out a gun to the belly of a pregnant woman. He's no martyr. Sorry the way he died, but he ain't no martyr

  4. Monrovia PD had nothing to do with what happened in Minneapolis, and Adams is past negligent in saying the MN stain applies here.

    I think he is abasing himself for crimes he thinks he committed, for his skin color, rather than any remote connection to the actual crime. That makes him a pathetic shithead.

    BLM is a fraud, excited only by police killing blacks (for good reason or not). 89% of black male homicides in 2018, according to FBI "analysis" are black on black. BLM never "demonstrates" anywhere unless a cop is involved...regardless of the race of the cop. And they are indifferent to black cops being killed in the line of duty. If the cop is "black", then they do the "white Hispanic" routine.

    Black on black crime is not profitable for them. They don't care. They have pockets to line, and Walmart just decided to throw $100M, Lost Angles Mayor $150M of boodle to bribe potential voters or pretend to expiate sins of white people.

    None of my lineage ever held slaves. I will not be oppressed by anyone based on the color (for the stupids, "white" is a color) of my skin.

    The pathetic theater of whites taking a knee or otherwise trying to appease blacks (or anyone else...La Raza is alive and well) is simple bullshit by cowards and/or maleducated people.

    As Emiliano Zapata is reputed to have said, "I will die on my feet before I will live on my knees."

    I'd rather love than war. Bring war to me and you shall have war. You might roll me over, but you will hurt for it.