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Albertson's Becoming 'Monrovia Landing'; Invasive Mussels; Fire Trucks; Montgomery Honored

In his weekly report, City Manager Oliver Chi reports that ...

~ Staff at Metro is interested in Monrovia's proposal to let people use the Metro parking garage during non-peak hours and will take the proposal to the full Metro board. Chi estimates the program could be in place by late this summer.

~ Monrovia will participate in the National League of Cities 6th Annual National Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation. Individuals who enter the contest could win a new Toyota Prius. You can enter the contest here:

~ The former Albertson's Center will be renamed as Monrovia Landing. The planned Aldi Supermarket, TJ Maxx/HomeGoods should open this October.  [Comment: I guess "Landing" is appropriate since it is near the site of the old Monrovia airport.]

~ The invasive mussel species Quagga and zebra have been detected in the California water supply. The mussels attach to hard surfaces and can damage water delivery systems. Fortunately, the problem appears to localized and Metropolitan Water District and the state are keeping an eye on the situation.

~ Monrovia is planning to replace worn out Fire Truck 101. Ordering an building a new truck can take a year and a half.

~ And speaking of fire trucks, if you want to help refurbish the 100-year-old Seagrave fire engine that began its life serving Monrovia, you can contribute here:

~ Monrovian Gayle Montgomery has been selected by Assembly member Chris Holden as Monrovia’s Woman of Distinction for her service in the community.

- Brad Haugaard

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