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New Courses at Monrovia High; Replacing Defective Turf on Monrovia High Athletic Field

At its next meeting (agenda: the Monrovia Board of Education will consider, among other things ...

~ Starting several new high school courses: Advanced Dance, Advanced Graphic Design, Web Development, Computer Game Development and AP Psychology.

Comment: Well, this is good, but it doesn't give me much confidence that there is any follow-through on the discussion before the election about science and tech not being for everybody. How about adding some classes for the trades: auto mechanics, electricians, etc.?

~ Approve a contract with FieldTurf USA, Inc. to replace the defective artificial turf (Installed 2010 but wore out too soon) on the Monrovia High athletic field with upgraded turf for $210,077.97.

- Brad Haugaard

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