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Thanks to Karin at Monrovia Chamber of Commerce

I just got this note from correspondent Rosemari Annear and agree with her that this is a great example of Monrovians going out of their way to help each other. She writes ...

"I am new to this but wanted to know if I could add something good to fellow Monrovians. Several weeks ago I was preparing for a trip which involved taking the gold line in the morning. I called Monrovia transit for a ride to the station, was told we have 3 vans, they're fully booked, uber didn't respond & no taxi either. I called the Chamber of Commerce, spoke with Korinne Karin, explained this and jokingly said 'unless you can take me.' She asked where I lived and said yes she could! Its so nice to know there are people here who are able and go out of their way for others. So, again, thank you Korinne Karin!"

Update: "Hi All, They got the name wrong! It was not me that helped her it was KARIN! She deserves the recognition not me! - Korrine"

- Brad Haugaard

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