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Calvary Road Baptist Church & Sunday School


Are you uncertain about the future? Jaded by life? Concerned for the next generation? Disillusioned by the state of our country and around the world? Are you searching for truth and the true meaning of life in this ever changing culture? Come find out the answers to these questions and more as we look closer into God's handbook for life through the Bible. See how spiritual realities are applied to practical daily living covering all aspects of life. Here at Calvary Road Baptist Church you will find appropriate Bible preaching that honors God, exalts the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, empower believers and gives hope to the lost and hopeless.  We are a traditional Christ centered, hymn singing, family values focused congregation of diverse backgrounds and age groups representing the surrounding communities we serve.

Sunday School

Come spend time with us as we prepare today's youth for tomorrow's challenges from 3-4pm

● Activities include Bible lessons, singing, crafts, and snacks.
● Newcomers are always welcome to take part with the many other boys and girls who attend for FREE.
● Your child will be placed in the appropriate age group from K-12 grade with its own regular teacher.
● If transportation is needed we can make arrangements for pick up.
● All teachers are members of the church and have received Sunday School training.
● Each week the children receive a lesson from the Bible. The Sunday School follows the Lessons for Life four-year, structured course of lessons.
● Children will receive a weekly Bible Learning Course leaflet which will indicate what they are being taught.
● Parents are welcome to sit in with their child in any class in our safe and secured facility.
● The church operates a Child Protection Policy in accordance with Government guidelines.

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