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Marijuana Growing in Monrovia; 4th Dimension Conversion; Deadly West Nile Virus; Do You Like Street Music? Kiwanis Donate to Improve Park; Chalkfest; Veterans' Stories

What the former 4th Dimension will look like.

In his weekly report ( City Manager Oliver Chi reports:

~ The Planning Commission has recommended that marijuana cultivation (up to six plants) be allowed both indoors and outdoors as long as there is no commercial activity at the growing site. The state requires that personal cultivation be allowed indoors but the commission recommends it be allowed outside as well, but that it must be:
- in a rear yard.
- not be visible to the general public.
- in a secure location.

Robert Parry, Planning Commission chairman, added in a Facebook post, "We expanded to allow outdoor cultivation (as well as indoor cultivation) for a very specific, safety oriented reason. Because of the number of old homes in town, the architecture and building experts on the Commission were very concerned about the electrical load typically associated with marijuana growing. The risk of fire in our older, extremely valued historical homes with ancient electrical wiring is very great. The change was purely intended to prevent fires and resulting damage to homes and surrounding homes."

The City Council will consider the proposal at its Oct. 17 meeting.

~ The former 4th Dimension on Myrtle is now being converted into two retail / restaurant storefronts along Myrtle Avenue (about 3,000 square feet) and 24,000 square feet of office space on the ground floor at the rear of the building and the entire basement.

~ LA County is rolling out a countywide alert to warn residents about mosquito-borne West Nile and Zika viruses.  West Nile can cause long-term health problems, including difficulty walking, neurological disease, loss of independence, memory loss and even death. The greatest risk is among persons over 50 years and those with health problems. Zika symptoms are not severe, but can cause serious birth defects in unborn children. The mosquitoes are most likely to bite around dawn and dusk. Use mosquito repellent, drain all stagnant water where mosquitoes and keep pools and fountains clean.

~ The city and Monrovia Old Town Advisory Board have been sponsoring two live music performances in Old Town each week, on Wednesday and Saturday evenings, between the 100 - 600 blocks of South Myrtle Avenue. Is this worth continuing? Let the city know here:

~ Kiwanis Club will present the city with a $20,000 check to pay for three more benches, three custom trash receptacles, four custom picnic tables, and a custom bike rack to be installed at the top of Kiwanis Park at Grand Avenue. and a "holiday tree" to be planted at the top of the park, which the Kiwanis will decorate during the holidays. Plus, the city plans to: replace the chain link fence along the top of the park with a tubular steel fence, replace the drinking fountain with one nearer the stairs, and install a  Monrovia Bear at the top of the Park on Grand Avenue near the "holiday tree."

~ The 54th Annual Celebrate the Arts Show & Chalkfest this weekend. On Saturday, Oct. 7, activities from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., while Sunday's events on Oct. 8, will last from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., at Monrovia's Library Park. Chalk festival, Oktoberfest beer garden, kids chalk and coloring area, collectible art, plus food trucks and live music.  For more information:

~ Veterans can share their stories as part of the Monrovia Public Library's Veterans History Project. Here's a little video explaining the process:

- Brad Haugaard

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  1. It's pretty sad that it took a risk of electrical fires to simply allow people to grow a plant outdoors. But I suppose it's good that they were at least smart enough to make this change. (Reference)