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Fifth and Huntington Apartment Complex About Done

It appears that Areum, the huge apartment complex at Fifth and Huntington, is almost complete. A sign says it is now “preleasing.”

- Brad Haugaard 


  1. I'll take the movers and shakers that run this city seriously about our water shortage when they stop approving these high density housing projects like this one, the one at Station Square and the boutique hotel at Myrtle and Huntington. What will be the cost of the additional city services such as EMT, fire, police and schools required by these new residents?

    The traffic during the two peak periods on Huntington and Foothill have increased to intolerable proportions. We have already become "another Pasadena" that we didn't want to be.

    It's time for some red lines to be drawn.

  2. The web site says that a studio apartment which is I learned is an apartment with no room costs $2100. Did you see the Fox 11 general manger POV message that has aired the last few times? He said that 80% of people in California can't afford to pay their mortgage/rent and he wants Governor Brown to listen and do something. I live in Duarte and watch the Council Meeting's on their web site (Access Duarte Agendas and Minutes) and the mayor also wants to have affordable housing but those apartments they will build in front of Bank Of America will probably also cost $2,100 to $2,300 to rent.