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Where to Vote in Monrovia

Wondering where to vote? Here's a list of four locations in Monrovia, although under the new system you are not required to vote at a particular location.

Notice that one of the centers, Calvary Grace Church, opened on Feb. 22, while the others open this Saturday, Feb. 29.

City Clerk Alice Atkins explained why the difference in opening dates:
As part of implementing the Voters Choice Act, it was the County’s goal to identify 250 vote centers for the 11-day voting period, increasing to a total of 1,000 vote centers for the final 4-day voting period, including election day.
Part of what determines 11-day versus 4-day I believe is size (most are “large” centers that can accommodate 50 ballot marking devices), as well as location (to spread across the county), and facility availability. The Community Center and Second Baptist Church are both medium vote centers, I believe, and the Library is a small vote center. Another consideration would be impact to community programs (as rooms have to be blocked for an extended period before and after for delivery, set-up, breakdown, and pick-up of equipment).
- Brad Haugaard

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