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Ikonics - Not BurgerIM - Opens at 11 a.m. Today on Myrtle

Today, at 11 a.m., Ikonics Burgers & Brew Co. will open on Myrtle near the theater, at 406 S. Myrtle.

It was going to be a BurgerIM, but the BurgerIM corporation is having serious financial difficulties, but the owners of the franchise are opening anyway, under the name Ikonicks Burgers & Brew Co. - "a taste of New York and Chicago."

A press release says the owners "have re-invented their business idea and have turned their investment into a positive!

"Over the past year, our owners have dedicated their time to building a unique concept that is set to captivate our community's attention. We have known that our community members were eager and anticipated dining at BurgerIM; but as we know the famous BurgerIM franchise has faced challenges that have affected and impacted the business community.  We decided that our dream and vision would NOT dwindle because of the challenges BurgerIM has brought."

- Brad Haugaard

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