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Interim City Officials Vasquez and Sullivan Become Permanent

Monrovia City Manager, Dylan Feik, has named Lauren Vasquez as Assistant City Manager and Sean Sullivan as Public Works Director.

"After serving in the interim role since September 2019, I am very pleased to remove the interim titles and make Lauren's and Sean's appointments permanent," said Dylan Feik. "Throughout the transition of city managers, and even now into the new decade, both have served in those roles incredibly, faithfully and with a focus on best serving the mission of the City."

As the Assistant City Manager, Lauren Vasquez now oversees the operations in the City Manager's Office, which includes managing the Administration Division, Human Resources Division and City Clerk's Office. For the past 14 years, Ms. Vasquez held various roles in different departments in the Monrovia organization, including the Redevelopment Agency, Administrative Services Department and City Manager's Office. Ms. Vasquez holds a Master's Degree from the University of La Verne in Management and Leadership and a Bachelor's Degree from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, in Urban and Regional Planning.

"I can't begin to describe what a genuine privilege it has been for me to be a part of the Monrovia team for the past 14 years," said Lauren Vasquez. "I am humbled, excited and grateful for the opportunity to serve our community and our organization. In this new role, I look forward to doing my part to support the City's mission, to serve the people of Monrovia, and to create a community that offers a premier quality of life."

As the Public Works Director, Sean Sullivan now manages the Operations, Field Services and Utilities divisions. Most notably, Mr. Sullivan will continue to lead the Monrovia Renewal efforts, a $51.7 million comprehensive infrastructure improvement program aimed at making citywide repairs to water pipelines and facilities, sewer pipelines, streets and sidewalks. Prior to his interim director role, Mr. Sullivan held the position of public works manager for the City of Monrovia and the City of Rosemead. Mr. Sullivan has a Master's Degree from California State University, Northridge, in Public Administration and a Bachelor's Degree from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, in Business Administration.

"I look forward to the opportunity to lead the public works team in a greater capacity, to maintain the City's infrastructure, and most importantly, to provide excellent service to our residents and businesses," said Sean Sullivan.

Source: City of Monrovia press release

- Brad Haugaard

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