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Santa Fe Gets Audio, Graphics, and Flight Tech Tools for New Paxton Patterson Lab

Monrovia Unified School District's Board of Education and Santa Fe Computer Science Magnet School introduced new tools for teaching students audio communications, computer graphics and animation, flight technology and more during the school's unveiling of its new Paxton Patterson Lab on Feb. 4.

The lab offers students hands-on instruction in career technical education (CTE) pathways, which they can pursue in high school, college, and careers.

"Santa Fe Computer Science Magnet School provides an educational environment structured to stimulate excitement about learning and foster innovation in our students," Board of Education President Rob Hammond said. "The opening of the Paxton Patterson Lab will ensure our students are prepared for their transition to high school and beyond."

The lab, which contains a series of topically focused stations, will give students an opportunity to develop creative and critical-thinking skills as they collaborate with each other in hands-on learning tasks.

"The opening of this lab today is a great example of the things happening across our District," Superintendent Dr. Katherine Thorossian said. "Whether the focus is in science, the arts or bi-literacy, each school in our District provides a critical component to our world-class education."

Students will receive access to lessons in fields such as audio communications, computer-aided drafting and design, computer graphics and animation, flight technology, health science, robotics, sports medicine, video production, structural engineering, and more.

"Today, Santa Fe takes another step forward in our commitment to giving our students outstanding opportunities for their future," Principal Geoff Zamarripa said. "This new lab will be a center of innovation that illuminates a path to our students' goals."

Source: Monrovia Schools press release

- Brad Haugaard

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