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Statement of Mayoral Candidate Stephen Grollnek

We the people   
Monrovia voters should realize what that means gives the citizens the right to vote for the people who they feel will protect and serve the community for the best interest for all 
Look at are streets trees sidewalks 
Is this Mayor looking after are beloved city or just looking out for his spacial interest group that he has reps-anted
For 35 years 
Time to make those spacial  words mean something 
We the people have this golden opportunity to make this change on March 2 
Stephen Grollnek  make your vote count to protect are city 


  1. Mr. Grollnek how can anyone take you seriously? What involvement do you have in the community? What experience do you have? You dont even know the difference between our and are? I don't think you have spent more than five minutes actually volunteering your time to fellow citizens which is five more minutes than the time and thought that went into your statement.