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Statement of City Council Candidate Donna Baker

I’m Donna Baker. My husband, Dave and I moved to Monrovia 33 years ago. We bought a 1910 Craftsman, and I immediately got involved with the preservation community and proudly served as Historic Preservation Commissioner for 20 years.. 
I have been recognized as Citizen of the Year, given the Mary Wilcox Youth Advocacy Award by the Boys & Girls Club, and served as President of the Santa Anita Family YMCA and Monrovia Days. I have supported a significant number of local charities and youth programs, including sports programs, robotics teams, and the Monrovia Youth Alliance. My strong belief is that by supporting our kids, I am supporting the future of Monrovia!
As a successful local Realtor since 2001, I have run a thriving small business, serving as CEO, COO & Treasurer. Being an independent contractor means I have experience with negotiations, finances and budgeting, marketing, and organizational skills. I believe this provides me with the knowledge to learn quickly and become an asset to the City Council. I may not have the experience or be part of “the dream team,” but my passion to do a good job on behalf of the residents will guide me through the learning process.

I believe Monrovia needs someone on the Council who is citizen-driven and not indebted to anyone or any business. My goals are to work with community members on those things you deem important, such as traffic issues, fiscal responsibility, preservation/responsible development, homelessness, and affordable housing. I promise to be a voice of reason. I promise to listen to the concerns of the residents. I promise to be honest with our community. I promise to continue to move Monrovia forward! 

Visit my website at for more information.

I respectfully ask for your vote on March 3rd.


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