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Statement of City Council Candidate Becky Shevlin

BECKY SHEVLIN – A candidate with proven commitment and leadership and working with and for you to:

• Seek smart options for continued economic growth and stability.
• Ensure transparency, accountability for Measure K and grant funding, and a balanced budget.
• Provide vital safety and public services, ongoing physical infrastructure repair and maintenance and increasing reserves.
• Preserve and protect our historic homes and districts, Wilderness Preserve and other natural resources.
• Fight for local control to allow Monrovia to address the specific needs of Monrovians.
• Collaborate regionally to address issues of homelessness, housing affordability, and water/stormwater issues.
• Strengthen our City through community education, involvement and volunteerism.


Council Liaison Appointments –

-Adopt-A-School; Clifton Middle School
-Foothill Transit Governing Board
-Monrovia Association of Fine Arts Board
-SG Valley Mosquito & Vector Control District Board of Trustees, President
-So CA Association of Governments and CEHD Committee Member
-SGV Council of Governments 2nd VP; Homeless Committee Chair; Capital Projects & Construction Committee
-Healing Connections
-Library Board

-Foothill Workforce Development Board
-LA County Sanitation Districts 15/22
-Monrovia Chamber of Commerce
-Community Media of the Foothills
-Historic Preservation Committee
-League of California Cities

Community Member/Supporter
-Friends of the Monrovia Library
-Monrovia Historic Preservation Group, Historical Society, and Historical Museum
-Monrovia Reads Board Member since 2003; Past President 2008/2009, current Treasurer
-Monrovia Community Coordinating Council Member 21 Years, serving in all Executive Board
positions; current Calendar Coordinator
- Monrovia Guild – CHLA Member since 2007, Past President 2017/19, current VP
-Monrovia Latino Heritage Society
-Monrovia Garden Club
-Monrovia Reads, member since 2003; Past President; current Treasurer
-LA County Commission for Women, Commissioner & Past President 2015/17
-Sunday School Teacher ongoing 40 Years
-Supporter of numerous other Community Groups/Organizations

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