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Statement of Mayoral Candidate Tom Adams

Photo by Terry Miller

Five years ago, I asked for your vote to become Mayor. I was so disappointed in the fact that our infrastructure was failing, we had a water main leak every other day, some of our roads were failing, I knew that something needed to be done or we could go beyond the point of return. I knew we needed a change, one that would set us on a path to breathe life back into Monrovia.

Now, thanks to your trust and a city council that sees the importance of taking care of our hometown we are on the road to completion in the largest public works project in the history of Monrovia. In less than a year, all of the curbs, gutters, sidewalks, water mains, sewer lines and roads will be up to at least the 70% mark.

Our bond rating is now AA, with only one level above that. We are currently working on achieving a AAA bond rating, one that will save the city a considerable amount.

Six years ago we were constantly experiencing a revolving door at the City Managers office. I am very proud that we are back to having solid management!

Senator Portantino has said that the Monrovia Model for helping the homeless is the best he has seen in the entire State, lets keep improving it.

Relationships on the City Council are better than I have seen in many years. Although we don’t always agree, we strive to find compromise that works for all, sharing in the task of representing Monrovia and representing it well.

I ask for your trust again, to complete the work we have started. Monrovia is very special to me, I ask that we bring Monrovia back to a level we can all be proud of.

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