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Rosenlippenmädchen Und Monrovia

I saw these roses recently in a city park in Vienna, Austria, and I’m posting the picture on a Monrovia blog not because it is Monrovia-related but because it seems like a clever idea that might be used locally. 

Notice the placards on the stems of the rose bushes. One says, “Für’s Rosenlippenmädchen Annemarie - Deine Lieben” and the other says, “Für Claudia, die Liebe meine’s Lebens” (“For the Rose-lipped young woman, Annemarie, your lover“ and “For Claudia, the love of my life,” if my sub-par German is correct). 

These little plaques cost, I was told, 300 Euros (about $350) for five years, and the money goes for the maintenance of the garden.

So anyway, I wonder if there might be situations around Monrovia where something like that might work. 

Just a thought. 

- Brad Haugaard 

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