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Monrovia Housing Expected to Increase by 15 Percent - 2,200 Units - In Months Ahead

In his weekly report ( City Manager Oliver Chi reported that the supply of housing in Monrovia is set to jump dramatically. 

He writes that, “All told, there are currently around 2,200 housing units / rooms in the development pipeline, which constitutes a 15% increase in our total housing supply. “

He adds that “from June 2018 - September 2018 the City will be considering three major projects that will feature close to 600 units / hotel rooms (highlighted in blue in the map above – Richman Development, Marriott TownePlace Suites, and AvalonBay).

He says that “without proper context, these eye-popping numbers can be somewhat startling.”

He said there are two issues involved, the environment on one side and Southern California’s need for more housing on the other. 

He writes that “while we do have to make sure that we have strong environmental policies, and while we need to develop premier mobility / transportation options for our residents… we also have to find a way to do our part to address the severe housing crisis we are confronted with today.”

There is more to this and it deserves s full reading. See it here:

And here’s one of these projects:

The Richman Residential Project (known as Station Square South) is going before the Development Review Committee (DRC) for consideration on today at 4 p.m., in the City Council Chambers.  The project is a 296-unit housing initiative located at the NE corner of Duarte Avenue / Magnolia Avenue just south of the City’s Gold Line Station. 

The city has set up a web page to address all development issues:

- Brad Haugaard 


  1. Where is the water going to come from? I thought Monrovia was still in a severe drought.

    1. Good question. I was thinking the same thing, especially with higher water bills to pay for bringing water to Monrovia.

  2. $2.5k or $3k for a 1 bedroom isn't affordable.

  3. Sorry CHi's figures are way off. Besides the high end places no one is getting or having to pay $3,000 for a 1,000sf apt. I have a condo that I rented out in Monrovia that was 1500sf north of foothill that I was lucky to get $2000 for.

  4. How many more police officers, firefighters, EMT and teachers are going to be needed to accommodate this population increase? How are these additional public services going to be paid for? Traffic on Foothill and Huntington during the two rush hours has become intolerable. Monrovia is on the verge of losing the small town charm that makes it unique. A new generation of political leaders is urgently needed to prevent Monrovia from becoming a smaller version of Pasadena. The frog is in the pan of water and the heat is being turned up.