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Mountain Avenue to Be Re-Repaved

In response to a complaint about a poor job of resurfacing Mountain Avenue, Council Member Becky Shevlin responded on the Nextdoor social media network that, "There were several application issues with the contractor and the work did not perform as desired. The contractor tried a couple of means of fixing it, and, ultimately, the City never paid the contractor for the work."

So, after all of the Monrovia Renewal phases are complete the city is going to "perform a 2-inch Grind and Overlay of Mountain Avenue," which I believe means that they'll grind off the top two inches of paving and repave it.

The idea of doing it after all the other phases are complete is because Monrovia "is pursuing Highway Safety Improvement Funds to overhaul traffic signals, including two signals on Mountain Avenue. If we successfully receive funding for the project, the two signaled intersections on Mountain (Lemon and Royal Oaks) will be cut up pretty extensively, which will destroy any new pavement put in place.

"Practically speaking," Shevlin writes "we should hold off on any major pavement work until we do any other improvements around the intersections."

- Brad Haugaard

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