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Announcement of School Board Candidacy of Jennifer Anderson

Being a parent of four Monrovia students for the last fifteen years, I have continuously volunteered with the goal of improving education for all children. I have held a multitude of roles for PTA in Monrovia schools and currently serve as the President for the Monrovia Council of PTAs. I am also the current President of the MASA Parent Boosters and have coordinated our very successful robotics tournaments held at Monrovia High School attracting participation from schools as far away as San Diego. I have worked in conjunction with our Visual and Performing Arts program to support the Arts for K-12 since 2014 and directed the backstage crew for our annual Monrovia Superstars of Music Showcase for the last seven years. I have also served on numerous district task forces and site committees, including the current secondary school taskforce for distance learning and hybrid learning plans. In some cases, I was the only parent representative, to ensure that all children are recognized, valued, and have the same opportunities I would want for my own children.

As a former mathematics professor, education has always been deeply important to me. Since then, I have worked diligently with teachers, parents, and administrators to build relationships and provide support to ensure we constantly expand our students’ experience and receive a well-rounded education that includes pathways for career opportunities and college and university goals.

In this exceptional time, we must find creative solutions to ensure our kids receive a robust education and provide opportunities to further their education or pursue career-ready pathways. 

Currently, as the President of Monrovia Council of PTAs, I am working closely with our principals and administrators on a daily basis to help ensure that our students are being fed, that every child has the devices and internet they need to connect to their teachers, and that communication to parents is timely, informative, and helpful. Because I have three children currently attending MHS, I am intimately involved in the day-to-day issues in our schools. Within days of schools reopening, I identified holes in our plan. Because of my strong relationships with parents and administrators, and by collaborating with our district leaders, I was immediately able to make these issues known and offer solutions, forestalling greater problems. As an advocate for all children, I will continue to listen to the needs of students, parents, and teachers and advocate for the rights of our kids! 

Strong leadership and deep awareness of daily issues are needed to navigate the challenges brought on by the pandemic. With my experience and proven leadership, I am confident I will help Monrovia Unified thrive through this global crisis and make educational decisions that are innovative, effective, and equitable. 

Please vote for Jennifer Anderson, a Mom, an Educator and a Proven School Leader!

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