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Lyft Rides in Monrovia (and California) Are Back On!

The Lyft ride-sharing program, which powers most of Monrovia's GoMonrovia transit program, was going to end at midnight tonight, but Lyft has announced that "We’re back on." The company says that rideshare operations will not be suspended in California.

The company adds:

"The California court has granted our request for a further stay, so our rideshare operations can continue uninterrupted, for now. Thanks to the tens of thousands of drivers, riders, and public officials who urged California to keep rideshare available for so many people who depend on it."

The City of Monrovia had earlier announced that the Lyft portion of GoMonrovia would be ending at midnight tonight.

The problem is Assembly Bill 5, which requires rideshare companies, including Lyft and Uber, to reclassify their contract workers as employees.

The city says that, "According to Lyft, the costs associated with reclassification are extreme and cost-prohibitive."

City Manager Dylan Feik said Californians will ultimately make a decision (Proposition 22) about whether to exempt rideshare companies from AB5.”

- Brad Haugaard

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