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Monrovia School District's Plans for Reopening

Monrovia School District surveyed parents to see what they want school to look like, and here are the results ...

And here are the preliminary plans for opening Monrovia schools in the fall:

Elementary schools

Secondary schools

Full report here:

- Brad Haugaard


  1. Schools are not going to be able to keep up with the demand of disinfecting/cleaning or the concerned families about their children's health, if they do re-open. The spike of the virus has already begun since the re-opening of stores and restaurants. Even if they do decrease class sizes by 50%, there are still kids at home being exposed with some siblings being in different grade levels at different schools and then coming home. It's a circle and unfortunately this virus is out of control. I am against re-opening of schools but I do think that teachers have had time to prepare for a much more engaging remote education. There are different products available to have remote sessions that would be useful and helpful to our kids.

  2. Sounds like an educator wrote the first comment. It seems it was a waste to survey Monrovia Unified School District families when the majority voices between in-school and hybrid preferences were essentially disregarded. (Only 22% of families voted for distance learning.) Nevertheless, I anticipate the district will have to offer some type of childcare for all those elementary school-aged children that have parents that are working. It's unfortunate that the time spent in daycare will likely not involve an academic component to it. I understand the challenges associated with the virus and the transmission rates. Perhaps, we can look to Orange County schools that are insofar allowing all their students to return to school as a sort of experiment to either aspire to, or disregard. Only the future will reveal whether the right or wrong decisions were made.