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Former Mayor Lutz to Run for Open Seat on Citrus College Board

Press release announcing the candidacy of Mary Ann Lutz for Citrus Community College Board: 

San Gabriel Valley community leader and former elected official Mary Ann Lutz announced her candidacy for District Area 5 of the Citrus Community College Board at the November 3 General Election.

“Today, I am thrilled to announce my candidacy for College Board with the support of the amazing Governing Board Member Joanne Montgomery. Trustee Montgomery has provided the district with strong leadership for over twenty years. I will build on her legacy as the new Board Member insuring that the district thrives despite the challenging times in which we now live.” 

Montgomery announced her retirement after 22 years in office with an enthusiastic endorsement of Lutz. Montgomery stated that she is endorsing Lutz to ensure stability and good governance. “Mary Ann’s extensive policy experience especially with budgets and spending will help the district weather the challenging economic times ahead. She is a dedicated public servant and community leader with the knowledge to lead the district forward.” 

Lutz has been endorsed by Senator Anthony Portantino, Assembly Member Chris Holden, Assembly Member Blanca Rubio, Assembly Member Laura Friedman, Citrus College Board of Trustee Member Joanne Montgomery, Citrus College Board of Trustee Member Sue Keith, Duarte School Board President Ken Bell, Duarte School Board Member Reyna Diaz, Duarte School Board Member Cece Carroll, Duarte City Council Member John Fasana, Duarte City Council Member Margaret Finlay, Duarte City Council Member Liz Reilly, Duarte City Council Member Bryan Urias, Former Duarte Mayor Lois Gaston, Monrovia School Board Member Ed Gilliland, Monrovia School Board Member Selene Lockerbie, Monrovia City Council Member Alex Blackburn, Monrovia City Council Member Larry Spicer, Monrovia City Treasurer and Citrus Board Foundation Member Steve Baker, Monrovia Former Mayor Lara Larramendi, Pasadena City College Board of Trustee Member Sandra Chen Lau, Pasadena City College Board Trustee Member Anthony Fellow (partial list).
Lutz was elected Mayor of Monrovia three (2 year terms) and elected Councilmember twice (4 year terms). She has also served as President of San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments, Advisory Board Member and Chair of Women Mayors for the US Conference of Mayors, and Chair of the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board. She also recently served as Government Liaison/Policy Advisor to Congresswoman Grace Napolitano. Her experience working with the community includes serving as President of the Monrovia Library Foundation, Board Member of the Boys & Girls Club of the Foothills, Past-President of the Foothill Unity Center, and District Chair for the Boys Scouts Lucky Baldwin District. She has been a member of the School Site Council for Santa Fe Middle School since 2003 and a 2010 Awardee of The Golden Apple Award for Monrovia.

Source: Lutz press release

- Brad Haugaard


  1. Former Mayor Lutz will be an excellent addition to the Citrus Board. She really cares about the community and will take the job seriously. She is a dedicated public servant. I am happy to see her running.

  2. The perfect fit to fill Joanne Montgomery's shoes of excellent service. Mary Ann has my full support.

  3. Never that woman. She's such a brainwashed communist. We have enough rubbish in our schools already