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Fellowship Church: No More In-Person Church for the Rest of 2020

Monrovia's huge Fellowship Church has decided there will be no in-person church for the rest of 2020.

A letter to church members says: "For the safety of our church and our communities at large, we have decided to suspend our in person weekend worship services for the remainder of 2020."

And ...

"Being led by love, we believe gathering thousands of us together in person, for an hour a week, isn't the most loving to our community, especially when we can not guarantee to keep you, our volunteers, our staff, and all of our kids safe.

"[W]e've reallocated every staff member towards providing help, care, and counseling to anyone in need, and towards creating content for parents/guardians, kids, youth as well as our daily Good News Today show, midweek message, and weekly services."

- Brad Haugaard

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