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About Those Painted Monrovia Rocks

You have no doubt seen some of the nicely painted rocks around Monrovia. I saw this one way up in the mountains above Monrovia Canyon Park - a rock among rocks.

On the back of the rock was this message…

The Facebook page, Monrovia Rocks, says:

"We have been inspired to paint rocks and spread them everywhere we go. We are based off the nationally recognized Kindness Rocks Project. We hope to spread happiness and cheer to our community and beyond. If you find a rock or feel like joining in the fun, please post pictures!! We LOVE having painters whether you're experienced or just beginning.

"Paint a rock and hide it. People who find it can keep or rehide it. On the back, write @monrovia_rocks so you can see who found your rock. Please only take, replace or move rocks that are on sidewalks or near the street. Do not take off porches, flower beds, in residential/community gardens or rocks that appear to belong to the home or business owner. Use your best discretion. If you want to not lose your rock, it's best to keep it inside, in your garden away from the street, or in your backyard. Have fun!!!"

- Brad Haugaard


  1. I’m so glad my rock up in the Canyon was spotted. Thank you for posting.

    1. Yours is a beautiful rock. So restful, too. -- Bjo

  2. i love seeing the rocks when I go walking.

  3. We got rocked!

    Someone left one in our we are making some to leave places.