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Living With Bears Webinar; Tongva Talk

In his latest report ( City Manager Dylan Feik reports: 

~ On Thursday, August 6, at 11 a.m., the California Department of Fish & Wildlife will present a Living with Bears webinar for Monrovia. Safety tips on how to coexist with bears, how they respond to calls, and more. To join in on the webinar, please register here: If you are unable to attend but have question, send it to A recording of the webinar will be available.

~ Learn in this video talk how the indigenous people of the LA area, the Tongva, lived here many years ago:

- Brad Haugaard

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  1. A lot of people are not aware of this but there been a long running dispute with Tongva activists and another group if native-Americans who claim the true name of their tribe is the "Kizh". Their claim is the word "Tongva" is a verb meaning "to grind", not a noun nor the name of their people. See