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City Manager, Department Heads to Take Pay Cut; 20 Positions Being Left Open; Increased Trash Fees; Etc.

At its next meeting (agenda: the Monrovia City Council will consider ...

~ Adjustments to its budget, especially in light of the Covid virus. A few highlights:

- The city manager and department directors will take a voluntary pay cut through the end of the
fiscal year.

- 20 non-critical positions are being kept vacant.

- Many contracts were reviewed and renegotiated for price reductions.

- There have been some savings from facility closures.

- Non-essential overtime was eliminated.

Lots and lots of financial data here for the money-minded:

~ Giving Athens Services a5.66 percent raise for picking up trash. For two reasons: 1) Because California law now requires recycling organic waste, which is more costly, and 2) as an adjustment to the Consumer Price Index (i.e. - inflation). Here's how much of an increase you can expect:

Typical Residential: $ 1.88 / month
Typical Multi-Family: $10.72 / month
Typical Commercial: $10.91 / month

~ Pulling out of the Foothill Workforce Development Board (an organization made up of various local cities) that provides job assistance with federal money. However, "the City of Monrovia believes that our community, as well as those of Duarte and Arcadia, have been underserved by FWDB."

~ Temporarily hiring back retiring Neighborhood and Business Services Division Manager Sheila Spicer-Batice - who has been with the city for 38 years - at lower pay.

- Brad Haugaard

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