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Progress on Canyon Park - What's Planned

Construction has begun on the damaged rock wall below the Nature Center in Canyon Park. The roadway is being replaced, parking lots are being renovated, and infrastructure improvements are being made, including water main replacement and sewer line installation. The project estimate is between $17-$18 million. Additional park features and enhancements are being added, such as picnic areas, seating areas, an educational center, and improvements to the Veterans Memorial. the park should hopefully open in winter, 2024.

The road work below the Nature Center is major because, "the wall and surrounding roadway began sliding downhill this past spring. Unfortunately, the wall has moved enough that we needed to excavate a large portion of the roadway only to find that fixing the wall will mean removing large portions so we can install a proper footing since the rock wall sat on a foundation of piled rock, and lasted for decades. Fixing the wall means we have to take it down and rebuild."

Construction plans for Canyon Park are almost complete. Here's what's planned: 

  • Replacing the roadway from Canyon Blvd. to the Damkeeper's House
  • Replacing all parking lots and adding 24 new parking spaces
  • Replacing the water main, installing a booster pump to feed water from the Oakglade tank, and removing the old Canyon Park water tank
  • Installing a 6" sewer line and removing septic tanks
  • Repairing damaged culverts, guardrails, walls, etc.
  • Enhanced park entrance with new picnic tables and a public art piece
  • Enhancing the park entrance kiosk to enclose it, add air conditioning and storage
  • A small picnic and parking area just beyond the road to Trask Boy Scout Camp
  • A new raised deck/platform near the small picnic area to provide a quiet and peaceful
  • place to sit next to the stream and observe nature
  • A new ADA parking area near the cabin
  • A new small seating area near the cabin and near a large heritage oak tree
  • Enhanced seating that is being called the "Canyon Park Educational Center," with seating near the entrance to 3 Graves Trail, where park naturalists can teach us about the park, nature, wildlife, plants and more
  • Enhancements to the Veterans Memorial, adding native landscaping, seating and perhaps signage to make it a destination within the park
  • A renovated overlook at the top of the park
  • Renovation of the Damkeeper's House to be used for special events and rentals on a limited basis. This area has the best views within the park and we will begin making renovations and repairs for future public use.

- Brad Haugaard

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