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Names Have Changed But Buildings Are the Same

The Monrovia Chamber of Commerce publication shown here, which I estimate is from 1980, although it has no date on it, had a number of interesting pictures in it that I thought you might like to see.

The magazine has been quite the world traveler. I received it from a friend who married a Monrovia woman and had a career in the Army. Here’s what he writes about the magazine:

“I think I picked it up shortly after we moved back to Monrovia in 1982. Since then the magazine was moved from Monrovia to our first house in Santa Barbara, to Butzbach in Germany, to Giessen in Germany, back to our first house in Santa Barbara, to our second house in Santa Barbara, to Heidelberg in Germany, to Stuttgart in Germany, to our house in Montecito, to our third house in Santa Barbara, to a storage unit while we lived in the rental house, and then to our fourth and present house in Santa Barbara. I found it while sorting boxes in the garage and thought this might be a good time to return it to Monrovia.”

A couple of pictures from the magazine appear above. Although the names on these buildings have changed, I’m sure you’ll have no trouble identifying them.

- Brad Haugaard 

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