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Where Crimes Happen in Monrovia

I took a look at the Monrovia Police crime reports for the past year to see where crimes - all crimes - occur in the city. Well, it's mostly where you'd guess. In shopping areas. Remember, this includes everything from vehicle burglaries to shoplifting to robbery. I mean, you kinda expect that shoplifting would take place where there are shops. So basically along Huntington Drive, and to a lesser degree, other shopping areas in town.

But here's one interesting tidbit. Vehicle burglaries. The heaviest concentration by far is on Huntington roughly from Huntington Oaks shopping center to the 900 block, which is just on the west side of the freeway. So if you go shopping there (or anywhere else, for that matter) for heaven's sake don't leave valuables visible in the car. And don't leave your car unlocked. Yes, people actually do that.

3600 block of W. Huntington
5700 block of W. Huntington
7800 block of W. Huntington
3900 block of W. Huntington

- Brad Haugaard

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