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Santa Fe Students Study Brain and Lung Specimens

Sixth-grade students from Monrovia Unified's Santa Fe Computer Science Magnet School learned about brain and lung specimens on April 23 during a crash course with Sonia Maljian, director of laboratory services at Methodist Hospital.

Students also learned about other organs such as the heart and liver and closely observed samples that were brought into the classroom.

"We are lucky to have had the chance to host Sonia Maljian at Santa Fe," teacher Yvonne Koskela said. "Our students were able to observe the specimens closely and ask questions about the specimens to a real scientist in our community."

In addition to observing the specimens, students were introduced to the harm that occurs in the body when abusing alcohol and tobacco. Maljian encouraged students to stay away from putting harmful and dangerous products into their bodies, further explaining that smoking tobacco can cause air sacs in the lungs to become rigid and stop functioning.

"A big thank-you to Sonia Maljian, who shared with our students the many opportunities available when pursuing science as a career," Principal Geoff Zamarripa said. "Our Cougar Scholars fully immersed themselves into the lesson, and we will continue to encourage our students to pursue their dreams and figure out how they can become the next generation of scientists in our community."

Monrovia Schools press release

- Brad Haugaard

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